The development in educational and experiential areas: Art and Aesthetics

In order to know and understand the world children use creative expression. In art children gain understanding about their environment, their feelings and thoughts. The point is not to create a specific result or even to create a work of art. The creative process is primarily intended to playfully work with different materials for childrens own experience and knowledge and as a result get to know themselves and the environment better.

In all learning processes the aesthetic education, the experience and the learning with all senses, plays a special role. Aesthetic education covers the development of reflexive perception and sensibility in all areas of life and forms the source for knowledge. Creative art is therefore closely linked to motor development, language development, social and emotional development and cognitive and personal development.

Alongside the aesthetic perception of the world is the design process as well as the creative re- forming and new creation. On the basis of previous experience children develop fantasy and creativity when they work with creative material. In creative and game processes ideas and products are found, which in turn are impetus for new creative activities.

With the help of pedagogical and technical didactic support, children can be empowered to further develop artistic skills and strengthen sensory perceptions. With a versatile development in the experience with creative and artistic materials children will become aware of their own possibility of expression. Children become familiar with material, get to know different creative forms, and use the material available and society on an equal level to get to know the world better. Pedagogues can support the learning process for children, by highlighting the possibilities, with different materials, techniques and tools for children to express their own experiences, thoughts and feelings

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